《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - The Recruit with the Bell

Leo walked into the wide hallway that only led to a few rooms, most being classrooms. Surprisingly, Leo found out that it was a relatively small building as he exited it. Outside there was a large dirt field surrounded by forest. He saw another building not that far from the one he just exited and that was where they were supposed to stay for the duration of the training.

The green outside matched well with the blue sky and the calm wind. There were purple, blue, and yellow flowers spread across the green grass surrounding the dirt. Leo took a deep breath, appreciating the fresh air, and stood there for a minute. Eventually, he started heading to his room. Upon entering the building there was a sign at the entrance for all to see.

Do not unpack your belongings. Rooms will be changed as you are assigned your squads. This will happen next week, only unpack things as you need them.

Leo read the sign quickly and went to his room. He entered it and found it housed three beds, a small closet, and a simple bathroom. Underneath the beds were footlockers and the bed themselves were small enough for only one person.

Leo walked over to his bed and placed his backpack on it. He hadn packed much at all, only clothes, a toothbrush, some art supplies, and two books. He sat on the bed and just looked around for a few minutes.

Afterward, he pulled out the papers he was handed earlier and looked at his schedule. His next class was Basic Combat Training. He folded the papers after skimming through them again and put them back into his pocket.

He grabbed his backpack and put it on, he started heading to his next class. After getting up and going to the door he saw someone enter with a large suitcase. Leo recognized them as someone from the group Ethan glanced at earlier, the ones who wore extravagant clothes.

After seeing Leo, the persons face looked slightly disturbed but that was all, they quickly entered the room and placed their suitcase down. Leo left the building and went to the field he saw earlier.

A few students were there, and more were gathering. Leo went towards the group of students and sat with his backpack still on. He watched the scenery instead of talking to anyone, or at least that was his plan.

The person from the café, the one who tapped on his book, spoke to him. Leo jumped, slightly startled as he hadn heard him sit next to him this time either.

”Yo! I didn see anyone I recognized until I saw you. Names Faust. ” He stuck out his hand.

Leo shook it and said coolly, trying to hide his previous brief fright, ”Mathias. ”

”So, you
e half angel, half demon. Thats pretty cool! Im just a regular ol human. ” They said with a smile.

Leo laughed slightly through his nose. He asked Faust, ”So whyd you want to become a demon? ”

”Well, Ive got problems back home, and call me a coward but Id rather just not deal with them. I was scouted by a demon, and they found out I was a blank slate. I don particularly care for the politics behind demons and angels, I just wanted to escape that dump. ”

”I see, ” Leo said with a warm smile.

”What about you? ” Faust replied.

”Various reasons. But mainly, Ive already got my life mapped out and this is just one of the stops. ”

”Oh, interesting. ”

Leo and Faust talked more until an elderly man walked forward from the forest. Despite being elderly, one could easily see how fit they were. Behind him was Olivia, who was pulling a large crate on a cart.

Eventually, they came to a stop and the elderly man spoke up, ”You are to address me as Master and nothing else. None of you have the privilege to call me by my name until you
e worthy enough. I will be teaching you all how to fight through various combat exercises. But first, those of you who are already awoken, we shall test your blood. ”

Olivia opened the crate revealing tons of thick books.

”These books were invented a long time ago by me, Augusto Griffith. Inside are various spells that will detect what your soul realms are capable of. Simply hold the book and various effects will happen. But first I shall explain the different classes we demons become.

”First, the dealer class. Those of you who are dealers with be bestowed swords and trained with them. In terms of using your soul realm, the dealer can summon contracts that can bind people in certain ways if they agree, but you must fulfill your side of the bargain. Secondly, you can open small pocket dimensions for storage as a dealer.

”Second, the grim class. Those of you who are a grim will be bestowed a gun, you will be trained to use them as well as explosives. Grims can see extremely far and are generally less receptive to pain. Their wounds generally heal faster too. Grims can form magic bullets from their soul realm, the rounds pack more power than conventional rounds.

”Third, the soul mage class. If you are a soul mage, you will be given a special kind of lantern. This will help you channel your soul realm, but always remember the best soul mages don need these. Soul mages can manifest their soul realm into the material realm, meaning you can summon things like fire or ice depending on your affinity. But, these things will be very unstable and quickly wither away when you stop sending your mana into it.

”And fourth, the specialist. Specialists will simply be taught advanced hand-to-hand combat and the basics behind fighting with swords and guns. Specialists are those who fail to fit into any of the beforementioned classes. Their powers are generally enigmatic and powerful. The less your enemies know of your power the better. People who have subclasses also are specialists, but they
e slightly different from regular specialists. Specialists are the wild cards of the demons. Howd I do Olivia? ”

”I think you described them just fine, Mr. Griffith. ”

”Really? I feel like I just missed the mark… ” He thought quietly to himself for a minute. Eventually, he just shook his hand with a ”Bah! ”

”Anyway, just hold the book and your soul realm will automatically make contact with it. Dealers will get the pages wet, grims will slightly scorch the cover, and soul mages will make it illuminate. But all of you should be wary as its different for every specialist. I once saw one of these books explode in a specialists hands. Also, keep in mind that sometimes what you get is hereditary, other times its completely unrelated. Now come here and line up. ”

Although he said that, a lot of the group was momentarily frozen due to his last remark.

”Oh, grow up you babies. Why do you think there were only three beds in your rooms? Specialists are extremely rare; most squads are only three people, a dealer, a grim, and a soul mage. Ive only seen that one kid get blown up and he didn even get hurt by it. Most of them were completely fine. ” There was a weird emphasis on the word most.

The group of people who were still frozen begrudgingly got up after his pep talk.

Leo had immediately gotten up, so he was towards the front of the line. There, three books were being given out at a time and the line was slightly away from the people using them. It was for safety reasons and most students were thinking something along the lines of, ”Didn get hurt from the explosion, my ass. ”