《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - The Search

”William! ”

A man with brown hair turned around and saw John walking towards him.

”Oh, hey. By the way, Milo and Charlie said they couldn make it. They
e investigating that murderer. ” William, the man with brown hair, said.

”Well, Im here because of that murderer. ” John replied, nudging William with his elbow.

”Why didn you say that then?! ” William rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on even though he was just meeting up with John.

”I dunno. ”

”I don understand you sometimes… ”

John shrugged and wrapped his arm around Williams shoulder, ”Come on, lets get some burgers, I didn eat anything at that party. ”

After sitting down with their food, John finally spilled the beans to William.

”Alright, guess what happened at the party! ”

”Just shut the ** up and tell me. ” William said with a deflated expression.

”The mayor, dead as a goddamn doornail. ” John raised his hand and mimicked being hung, ”Except he was hung by his feet. ”

”He got to the mayor… at the party? How the ** did he do that?! ”

”Fuck if I know! I didn even see his ass! ” John slapped his thigh and laughed while William just shook his head in disbelief.

”You didn help him, right? ”

”Nope. We were waiting for the mayor, got tired and asked someone to drag him to us. Then they found him in his library. Hung from the second floor. ”

”How the ** did they manage that?! ”

”Again, no clue! Hes **ing crazy good at it though! ”

William drummed the table with his fingers slightly while thinking.

John had an excited look on his face and asked, ”You guys find anything out about him? ”

William chuckled slightly, ”Just that hes a goddamn ghost. We found his trail, went cold. Found it again, went cold. Every time we find it, it goes cold without fail. But before it does, somebody dies. And sometimes, we don even find a trail, we just hear about another body on the news. ”

”Damn. You guys at least know what he looks like I assume. ”

”Nope. Not at **in all. All we know is they
e average height, maybe slightly taller than that, and that they
e white. They
e always covered by a black jacket and cloth mask. Weve only seen the area around their eyes, hence us only knowing they
e white and average size. ”

”Whered you guys last find him. ”

”Earlier today actually, at an electronics store. We watched the security footage and all he did was come inside, and watch the tv, and leave once his news segment was over. After that, we didn find shit. ” William paused for a moment but continued, ”What about the angels? Are they looking into it? ”

”From what they
e saying nope. They
e still probably looking into it, but I don think theyll do anything. ” John replied with a face full of thought.

”I see. Well, do you even know why this guys killing these people? ”

”Nope, if I had to guess, someone wants to kick off the war. ”

”Thats what Im thinking too, which is why I think it might be an angel. Considering its not us of course. Although the Abyss doesn tell us shit, I don think its us. Angels probably aren doing anything because they
e the ones trying to start shit. ”

”The problem with that is the hearts. Hearts contain the soul so its probably a demon junkie. Or the angels are trying to frame it as murders from a demon junkie. But the problem is we don ** with souls and the angels know this. So, I don see why theyd frame it that way. Its too soon to determine, I think. Anyway, lets eat. ”

The taste of stale bread entered the mouth of a kid no older than seventeen. It didn bother him, and he kept eating. He was currently walking down a dark street ignoring the heavy rain that had returned as it pounded on his shoulders.

He was walking around with a tired face. His skin was pale, and they had slightly tangled pitch-black hair. On the left side of his face on his jaw he had a deep scar.

He finished his bread and turned into a dark, foggy alley.

Soon after, a man walked past the alley and only saw a dead end. He walked further into the alley and looked around, the only thing he spotted was a manhole cover. He walked over to it and lifted it open.

After opening it he dropped down and saw a large sewer system and no person in sight. With a sigh he climbed back up the ladder. He left the alley and pulled out his phone.

”They call it a Royale with Cheese, its because they don- ” John abruptly stopped talking when his pocket buzzed, ”Oh, speaking of Milo. ”

”We haven spoken about Milo in like, thirty minutes. ”

John ignored William and answered the phone, ”Yo… Milo, whats up? You missed out on burgers. ”

”… ”

”Oh. You
e shitting me, right? ”

”… ”

”Get your ass down here, Ill ping you, well meet up with Charlotte. ” John hung up the call and sent Milo and Charlotte his location.

”Whats happening? ” William asked.

”Our murderer is whats happening. Milo thinks he has a lead. ”

”So why aren we going there? ”

”He lost the lead, thats why. ”

Williams face turned grim.

After a while, Charlie arrived, followed by Milo. They sat down in the same booth as the other two.

The diner they were in was extremely retro. There were small square mirrors along the wall that warped the reflections. The floor was checkered white and black and the booths they were sitting in were bright red. The diner as had an esthetic for old cars, old posters hung on the walls and there was even an old car parked in the diner.

Milo spoke up first, although it was a mumble, ”Alright so… How do I say this in a way that you guys will believe? ”

The other three just stared at him.

”Uh, Im pretty sure our murderer is just a teen. A seventeen-year-old, or something around that age. ”

The other three continued to stare at him.

”… ”

”… ”

At this point it was around one in the morning and they were the only ones in the diner besides the cook and the waiter. Thus, the silence was palpable when everyone heard what Milo said.

The silence was eventually broken by John as he pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

”Excuse me? ” John mumbled, the cigarette slightly blocking his voice, as he pulled out his lighter.

”Im serious. He fits the height, and the only portion of the face we can see. Hes pale as ** and has dark eyes, just what we heard from the electronics employee. Hes also a rat, we haven been able to follow him because hes been using the sewer to get around. ”

”… ” John was thinking to himself silently as he lit and puffed the cigarette.

”Alright give us the description. ” Charlie said.

”Pitch black hair, above average height but tall for his age and pale as **. ”

After hearing the description, Charlie and William looked over at John.

”You got a secret son or something? ”

”What? ” John asked confused.

”Never mind. ”

John shook his head throwing whatever stupid bullshit they were saying out of his mind and asked while flicking some ash off of his cigarette, ”So what now? ”

”No clue. Guess we keep looking, for now, we should probably head back to the hotel. ”

”You best put that cigarette out. ” The waiter said walking over to give them their check, ”The owner hates smoke. Didn you see the signs? ”

John ignored him and paid the waiter. The waiter rolled their eyes and went to the cash register. John took a long drag on his cigarette and the other three just stared at him.

The next morning the four woke up to some news.

”Last night, three more bodies were found, all in the same position as the last. The mayor, Frank O Connor, as well as Selina and Thomas Myers. Mayor O Connor was found last night at the party to celebrate the 13th apostle graduating as well as discuss the recent killings. The Myers family also attended the party and are suspected to have been followed home by the killer. They were found killed and hung from their second-floor balcony. ”

The news continued speaking about trivial things like what people were calling the killer and speculation as to why they were committing the acts. The group of four ignored it and all collectively were baffled.

”A bit much for a seventeen-year-old. ” Charlie said.

”Maybe they have help. ”

”Yeah, I bet its an army of prepubescent teens. ” She retorted with a slight chuckle.

The party of four was dispirited as they didn know where to go next.

”We could search the sewers. ”

”That would take forever and I for one, do not need to have that stench permanently latch onto me. Milo already smells like shit and I, for one, don need more of that. ” Charlie spoke scratching her temple.

”Then what do we do? Its taken us forever to get to this point, we
e not detectives, in fact I think John has a couple of screws missing. ”

That was the last thing Milo said that morning before he was knocked out by a thrown book.

”Ill go into the sewers, the rest of you just search around for anyone matching the description, look in areas with low traffic. And take Milo with you, tell him to ping me where he lost the kid. ” John said motioning towards Milos unconscious body.

With that they split up and started searching for the teen. After a while John received the location on his phone and he went there. Reaching the manhole, he put out the cigarette he had in his mouth and hopped into the damp sewers.

John looked around the ladder and found that it split off to the right and left. The sewers had pipes all over and everything was slightly wet. The walls were covered in yellow lights covered by thick safety cages.

John sighed before cracking his neck.

After he did that, black mist started forming around his body before it clung to his skin and clothes. It started solidifying and forming black scales, his hands became claws, and his body was entirely hidden after a few moments.

”Hopefully nothing explodes… Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… ” After mumbling to himself, John disappeared completely only leaving faint static in his trail.

John decided to first head right down the sewer, in an instant, he travelled throughout the place, searching all over. John found a couple of homeless people dabbl