《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - Fourteen Years Later

Fourteen years later.

In the rainy city of Riftmoor, a television distorted heavily by static flickered to life in an electronics shop window. The employee who turned it on drearily started opening the rest of their store.

The outside of the store was illuminated by a neon light, reflecting off the wet concrete. The light was obscured slightly by a thick fog that was also present. Both combined to slightly shroud a dark figure watching the television programs from the outside of the shop. The figure stood with a black hood on and covered their face with a cloth mask.

On the television, a news channel was playing. A handsome man and a beautiful woman jovially bounced topics back and forth before becoming suddenly grim.

Seeing their expressions, the young man got slightly closer to the television, reading the subtitles, and trying his hardest to hear them speak from inside the shop. After a moment of receiving information from their earpieces and getting slipped some papers, they spoke up.

”Tonight, we have breaking news that Nate Thompson was found murdered in his home in downtown Riftmoor. As you may know, Nate Thompson was the CEO and founder of West Creek Munitions, a weapons company working hand-in-hand with the government to prepare for the potential end of the ceasefire between demons and angels. ”

”Viewer discretion is advised for this segment, so if you
e sensitive or your children are in the room, youve been warned. Weve received a police statement which tells us that his throat was slit, and he was hung from his ceiling by his feet, draining much of his blood. His heart was also crudely excavated from his chest. Police say another statement will come later after more investigation, expect that later today. ”

They showed a heavily censored image of the crime scene.

The young man, tired of standing in the rain, entered the store and went to a television in the back. He walked with his head down and avoided the main counter, instead choosing to walk around the back.

He reached the television section and stood near a large, high-definition television. The audio was much easier to hear this time around.

”-ollows the pattern of the recent high-profile killings in Riftmoor. Two other high-profile government officials as well as another civilian working with the government were found dead in the same way. Three angels have also been found dead this way as well. ”

The other newscaster started speaking, ”The crimes, due to their nature, are suspected to be done by demon hit squads, although that isn confirmed at this time. If it is not demon hit squads, there is almost certainly a serial killer loose in our fine city. Please stay safe out there. ”

The person watching the television furrowed their brows slightly.

”Ah! Hello sir. I didn notice you come in. Are you finding everything alright, or do you need some help? ” An employee wearing a red shirt walked up to the young man watching the television.

”No thank you. I was just coming in from the rain for a moment. ” The young man said without turning to the employee.

”Oh, alright. Well, if you need anything, don hesitate to let me know! ” They said with fake cheer before walking back to their counter. They eyed the suspicious individual from the counter, not once taking their eyes off them.

The news segment came to an end and the young man turned and started leaving the store. The employee watched them the entire time but didn know if they had shoplifted anything. The young man glanced slightly towards the employee as he left. The employee hesitated slightly, but just let the figure leave.

Stepping back into the dark rain the figure quickly started walking. They turned into an alley and disappeared as quick as they came.

Later, a man and a woman got out of a limousine and dozens of cameras started illuminating the now night sky which had stopped raining. They entered a large mansion where dozens of expensive cars were being parked. The couple walked along the red carpet, occasionally waving to the cameras. They eventually entered the building and saw many people whispering amongst themselves. Most of them had serious faces adorned.

The inside of the building was extremely lavish. There was intricate woodworking embellishing everything and an extravagant carpet was spread across the floor. The décor was very ornate and fit well with the gothic architecture. The lights across the walls as well as hanging from the chandelier were very warm, giving the room a soft orange vibe.

The couple eventually found their seating and started talking to those at the table. The subject of conversation amongst everyone was the various murders around the city.

”Whoever it is, Im gonna **in bury them. If its a human, Ill crush their entire **in family. ” A very muscular man dressed in a nice suit said, he wore multiple golden rings and necklaces. He had a golden watch on with diamonds covering it.

A greasy overweight man whose thinning hair was slicked back countered, ”And if they
e a demon, or a demon hit squad? What if its the angels? What will you do then? ”

The muscular man stared at the greasy person sitting across from him and answered, ”Demons and angels aren excluded. Its just that those bastards won allow for anything further than the perpetrators themselves. ”

The overweight man sneered but ignored the person sitting next to him, instead focusing on his food. The couple who had arrived just moments before sat silently just listening in to the hushed conversations around them.

They looked around at the other tables trying to find the guest of the evening and the person responsible for bringing everyone here. Eventually they spotted a table with a person wearing a white suit covered in many tiny thorns, which also were white. The nearby greenery seemed extra vibrant when they were around him. He was a person who looked no older than twenty-five, and they didn have a single blemish on their face. In fact, it looked as perfect as could be, as if molded by a god themselves.

They sat with a few other people, all of them looking extremely strong. They talked amongst themselves without a care in the world. The table was composed exclusively of angels, the only ones at the party. The chatter at the table easily overpowered the hushed whispers nearby.

”The graduation of the 13th apostle. ” An old man, nearing his nineties said when he saw the couple looking around, ”I didn think Id see it in my lifetime. ” He chuckled and was speaking in a normal voice, as if he didn care if he was heard.

The couple stared at him before the woman spoke softly, ”You really believe that stuff those angels spout? ”

”I am old, and I am dying. Let me believe in something Selina, Ill go mad if I don … ” The old man slightly swirled his wine in his glass with a bitter smile and laugh.

The woman clicked her tongue and left him alone.

Eventually another guest entered the party. A tall and well-toned pale man with parted pitch-bla