《The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY》[The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY] - The Escape Plan

While in the Azzwang Clan, their full moon ritual was also successful in terms of showing their allegiance to Satan. Vi_gins were offered; male and female youth for it showed his powerful strength and enjoyed copying his followers. Apart from this ritual, Satano wants the vi_gin and the newborn boy in the Azzo clan where Satano plans to attack the Azzo Clan, tomorrow. ”Followers, you must get this boy and his mother, including his father, tomorrow, we will attack them! ”

The jungle is complicated and EYE (Randy) feels tired as he approaches the Azzwang Tribe cave. He hid behind a large rock to rest when he heard a sound behind him, he slowly looked and saw the intruder, crashing into it. ”Who are you, EYE? What are you doing here? ” DECEM whispered to EYE. ”I saw you leave the Altarin, are you on a mission? ”

”No, I just want to talk to Satano. ”

”Then why? ”

”Ive been jealous of SEPTEM and SEX, ever since theyve been in love. Even more so now that they have a child, and even more special to the tribe. I want to get SEX (Mary). ”

”You mean, you lost your allegiance to the Azzo clan? ”

”I want revenge on them, will you be my partner DECEM? Are you with me? ”

”Yeah EYE, me too, its annoying this hard feeling for them because I secretly love SEPTEM (Brando) but its not the way EYE. ”

”You mean, you like Brando, why, do you have a womans heart? ”

”Yes EYE. ” ”We can rethink it and come up with our own strategy for the downfall of the Azzo Clan. ”


The War

The Azzwang warriors prepared themselves for the first attack against the Azzo clan. Satano, Dragona, and Panika organized their warriors into different groups in the execution of their strategies because they were eager to fight their enemies what their leaders had taught them. Even in the darkest hours, they want to protect their clan in order to survive.

”Warriors of the dark, lets attack the residents of the barrio first! Lets wipe out the descendants of the Azzo Tribe from the face of the earth! Lets conquer them! ” Satano commanded his warriors.

Azzwang warriors flowing in groups flew the night sky like hordes of bats; flapping their wings and ready to consume the people. They flew with force to the village where most of the residents remained without power. They are the families of the Azzo warriors and are mostly descendants of the Azzo tribe. Azzwang warriors surrounded the village with their mighty wings, grabbed the residents, and burned their houses. While some of the residents hid along the massive boulder next to the trees, most of them were families of Azzo warriors. Melba and Toto were among the residents who escaped the attack.

The result of the Azzwang attack brought to the knowledge of UNUS (James) who sent some Azzo fighters to the center of the barrio. They helped the remaining residents build another new house, provided food, weapons, and other necessities for their livelihood. Melba is assigned to take good care of the women and children. UNUS prepared their leaders and warriors for the coming attack on the Azzwang cave. He gathered valuable information from their leaders.

”Who knows the place where the Azzwang clan lives? ”

”UNUS, I have knowledge of this cave and their rulers, ” QUATTUOR replied.

”Well done QUATTUOR, come with me, lets talk about this matter. ”

”Okay UNUS. ”

UNUS along with its leaders and chosen warriors move into the dense forest, careful not to wake up some of Azzwangs guards. They quickly crossed the land without hesitation in their hearts. Sometimes, they stop to strategize their attack to make it successful.

Azzwangs cave will be guarded because Satano knows this attack will happen. When the guards see the enemies, a signal is given to Satano. They formed into groups and were ready to fight for their clan.

The tribe of Azzo approached the place when Satano stood in front of his men and shouted, ”Warriors! Give them our welcome, now! ”

Dragona started releasing fireballs towards the Azzo invaders as Panika easily moved through the sky emitting rays in their eyes. Fiercer as ever, the Azzwang warriors fought with full force to strength.

While the Azzo warriors are looking for a way to fight the Azzwang warriors. UNUS and the eight leaders formed a circle holding on their foreheads the Latin Symbols. The powerful rays on their foreheads emitted various powerful lights to extinguish the rays of the Azzwang warriors. Qui