《The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY》[The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY] - The Symbols Of The Latin Letter

”Brando, you have the Latin symbols 7 on your forehead, left arm and on your left chest, the Star of David. Mary, the number 6 for you, on the forehead, left arm and on your left chest, the Triple X. This means that the same symbol positions have a tendency to be loved and copied for another creature to be born, but you two have different number signs. Seven means leadership, love, power and strength while six means revenge, darkness, power and strength. Other Latin symbols signify something important to our clan, especially the symbol ”The Star of David. ” Triple X means death. ”

”Come with me, Brando, Mary… follow me. ”

The three of them stood up and approached the Altarin where two large books and many of the small books, the blessed liquid, and the boxes of amulets were placed. ”These books contain hidden ways on how to live as a good Baltecz, taught by the leader of the Azzo clan and always followed by its members. The leaders taught ways on how to use the amulets- just for strength, intellect, and other meaningful creatures that know and how to fight the evil sides of our nature. Different members have their own abilities, qualities, skills, and talents to use their strengths. Each symbol or Latin symbol on the body of a member consists of his future as the Baltecz clan. Since we are an Azzo tribe, we do not have to fight with the Azzwangs. We are one in some respects, but we have to understand them, that the land belongs to the people, not to us. We are here to live together as a people. All of us, the Azzos, must protect the clan from extinction dispersed by Azzwangs behavior here in the world of humans. ” The two most powerful things our ancestors taught us were the blessed liquid and amulets. Those amulets were kept by our ancestors who were among their deceased members. They are collected and preserved for use by future members. The power within is still there in the amulets themselves, but it adds to the power, strength, and faith of the new members. While the blessed liquid consists of the liquid of the dead body of Baltecz combined with the pure oil of wild violet orchids. The head of the tribe blessed this liquid for the whole month only. ”

”Later, Ill teach you two how to use these two powerful things and the Latin symbols. Maybe, youll be surprised why I know all about it? My grandfather secretly taught me since I was a child. I studied and learned here inside the Altarin. When he died, I was bored here in our area, and working abroad, but my fate changed when I saw Brando at the airport. ”

Brando and Mary want to know immediately the secret of their clan and the power that accompanies it. James gave them amulets blessed the liquid in their possession and taught them how to use it; especially how to change the form of the werewolf and return to the man. They were amazed at the results of their new strength. ”You two, don tell anyone about this place. Ill get to know my family, relatives, and other residents. Okay we
e leaving this place. Come on. ”

Brando, James, and Mary eventually left the Altarin. ”Mary, tonight, we will visit you and your parents for a consultation, ” James said to Mary.

”Okay James, Brando bye, tonight Im waiting for you. ”

James Ramirez called a meeting with his brothers and wife at his home. Other leaders were also called for this meeting. Melba and Toto prepared coffee and biscuits for their guests s