《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 5: Painful Memories

After a few days, he had adjusted to the way everyone around him behaved, despite how challenging it had been to deal with the predicament he had put himself in. It was much simpler for him because he had no real friends; he just avoided anyone he believed would be a problem for him. Gang members, for instance, who were searching for him and looking for mischief that would involve him.

Once the alarm clock in the small, brown-wood cabinet next to his bed went off to signal the arrival of another Saturday, he turned it off and grabbed his phone to check the time. When he noticed the date flashing on his phone, he sat up and let out an enormous sigh of relief.

”Thank goodness I didn wake up after another week, ” he said as he stood up and opened the window. He looked out at the empty concrete, dark blue road. He nodded slowly. ”Its time to pay Big Brother Gian a visit. ”

After dressing in a plain white T-shirt, black six-pocket pants that reached his knees, and black and white rubber shoes, he proceeded down the brown wooden staircase. His parents joined him for breakfast, pleasantly grinning and conversing with him as he explained what he was about to do.

”Ill be leaving right now, ” he said as he walked out of the house.

”Take care, Gideon! ” his mother said, waving her hand at him and smiling brightly.

Gideon took a bus and a train to get to the local cemetery in their city. But first he made a pit stop at a flower shop and bought a bunch of red gladiolus. After then, he entered the cemetery. As he moved through the entrances arc, his eyes wandered. There were few people in the broad meadow scattered with innumerable tombstones because there was no occasion. After a while, he ventured further into the cemetery. He arrived at the gravesite where he had come.

The morning sun revealed his stoic expression as he stood in front of the grave, shaking the bouquet he was holding. ”Yo, whats up? ” he asked.

The gray grave marker bore a name. As it says… Brangwen Gian. The etched name was plainly apparent on the immaculate tombstone, indicating that it had recently undergone cleaning.

Gideons attention was pulled to the item that was just underneath the tombstone. A floral arrangement, similar to the red gladiolus bouquet he was carrying.

”Did mom or dad pay you a visit? I don recall them mentioning it to me, but there are only a few people who know what your favorite flower is. ” He walked closer and placed the new bouquet next to the old one. ”Whoever came here to give you this probably knew you well. ”

He took a proper stance and crossed his arms as he gazed at the tombstone. His face softened into a gentle smile. ”By the way, Ive already returned my anime posters and am planning to return my massive cabinet of anime figures soon. I hope you don mind if I take some of your anime figures. Don worry, I won take all of them. Im not a big fan of most of your anime figures. You have shitty taste after all. ”

His face was obscured by the light breeze that swept through his bangs. But he just closed his eyes and smiled, not even trying to fix his disheveled hair.

”How long has it been? Eight? Nine months? Ive lost count, but you can blame me; Im bad at counting. ” He opened his eyes and looked at the tombstone. ”Dying early and leaving us behind? I can believe you, and you said youll always be there to roast me when it comes to my what you so-called trashy waifus? ” He grinned, but his voice was laced with sadness. ”Who am I kidding? It was my fault, and we both know it. ”

A bitter smirk crept across his face as he recalled something that occurred nine months prior. He remembered having a bleeding lip and bruises on his face as he stood in the rain. Even an atmospheric water burst couldn clean his white suit since it was so dirty. Even with a lot of water on his face from the rain, it was impossible to hide the tears that were running from his eyes. He raised his injured, violently shaking hands and stepped forward while trembling.

”Big Brother? ”

He questioned while maintaining a fixed gaze on the young man who was face down on the concrete road and had blood streaming from his body. neither breathing nor moving.

”Gian! ”

”Do you hear me, Gian? Just say something, Gian! ”

The members of Gians group yelled, waiting for a reaction; they crowded around him and called his name, but nothing happened.

An aggressive and rebellious teen who had no fear yet was a