《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 4: What Was Used To Be(2)

“Who knows, I may have roleplayed as Hunter all week, Hunter is cool though. ”

He placed the notebook gently on the floor next to the manga and looked around the room. ”As far as I recall, I made two of this shit, but where did I put the other one? ” He grimaced as he remembered something. ”Man, the other one was more chuuni than Hunter; my classmates looked at me with disgust after roleplaying as that guy for a month. ” He hugged himself as a chill ran down his spine. ”Embarrassing days, ” he said, smiling. ”Those were good times, ” he said, placing his hand on his chin. ”I wonder where I stored my anime figures. ”

After putting everything together for a while. He put his possessions in cartons and kept them under his bed. A tap on the door, though, caused him to stop.

”Just come in, ” he said.

His mother emerged from the door. ”Dinner will be ready soon, ” she said, pausing and looking at Gideon with surprise in her eyes.

On his walls, Gideon was sticking posters of anime. They were all adorable anime heroines posing in adorable ways.

”Don look at them like that, Mom. Its embarrassing. Are you going to say that I have a very strange hobby again? ” Gideon asked, holding a Nakano Itsuki poster.

His mother shook her head immediately. ”No, I won say that. I was just teasing you and your big brother, ” she said as she walked toward Gideon. ”Im glad to see you
e putting them back up; you and your big brother Gian enjoy these kinds of things, and hed love to see you doing what you two enjoy. ”

”Mom, ” he said as he walked toward the door. As he walked past his mother, he suggested, ”Lets go downstairs, its still quite messy here. ”

His mother, on the other hand, simply followed him with her eyes. ”Its been a while; you should pay a visit to your big brother; hed be delighted to see you. ”

Gideon came to a halt and swallowed his saliva several times before exhaling. ”He can see me anymore, hes gone, ” he added, his voice mournful.

”But you should still do it. ”

Gideon took a brief pause. He returned his gaze to his mother, who was looking at him with concern in her eyes. He shook his head slowly and looked down for a few moments before returning his gaze to her. ”All right, Ill pay him a visit this Saturday; hed love it if I dropped by and gave him a bouquet of flowers. ” He stretched his arms in the air, groaning softly. ”Anyway, what are we having for dinner? ” he asked, changing the subject.

His mother approached him, a relieved smile on her face. ”I made beef stew, which I know you enjoy. ”

”Of course I do! As long as you
e the one who cooked it, Ill eat whatever you give me. ”

”You sound just like your dad, ” his mother teased. ”How did you spend your day? ”

Gideon laughed. ”You won believe what happened today, Mom; I had a very crazy day… Literally. ”

”Oh, really? Then let me hear it. ”

”Hmm, where should I begin? Oh, on my way to school this morning… ”